Why We Love Engagement Shoots!

1. No two couples are the same. It's our job to tell the story of how two people relate to each other. Even the differences between two halves of a couple are part of the story.

2. The mood that the couple is after will help determine the location – energetic photos are best in the daytime while dramatic images work better at sunrise or sunset, for example. However, sometimes the couple doesn’t really know what they want. This is where our expertise comes in – by asking certain questions, We're able to narrow down the atmosphere you’re after.

3. We love finding new locations for clients and going to a place that means a lot to the couple.

4. Minimal clutter and good lighting are integral to a successful engagement shoot. If you’re shooting in a popular location, like a city, time of day makes a big difference because you want to avoid having people in the background.

5. Engagement photos are a great excuse for the couple to have a professional set of images taken when they’re in normal, everyday clothing!

6. A range of styles can be shot, making the session appear to have lasted for four or more hours even though it was a simple one or two hour shoot. Why play with so many styles? Dramatic images work well for Save the Dates, traditional and simple photos can be sent to the couple’s parents and the newspaper, and creative shots are excellent for home decor.

7. There are so many opportunities to use engagement photos: on wedding invitations and Save the Dates, during a slideshow at the reception, as table decoration, for the cover of the guest book and even as thank you cards.

8. On the wedding day, We already know what works best for you – what you like about your bodies, which poses and stances you’re most comfortable in, your personalities… This helps us determine if the photos and/or video should be playful and fun, romantic and personal, or a combination of both.

9. In the end, most couples admit that they actually enjoyed the session – not only does it provide quality time together, but most people find it quite fun!

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